Because I dealt with the surgical port placement yesterday, James and I decided it best to skip a day of cutting.  Besides, I was so ecstatic to rock that courageous coiffe for an extra day.  But we got back down to bidness today in the Walker Center at Chez Ann’s Williamsville location.  Ashley and Rachael were there again! And Rachael even got her hair did, too (WOOOHOOO! Thanks Krista)!

I also got to meet Ann, who is hot as a chili pepper and sweet as apple pie and a breast cancer survivor, to boot!

So on with it then…We didn’t have much of a plan except to try to keep some of the length so we could keep these cuts going for the next week or so.  As it turns out, my latest style is chic, sleek, and definitely unique!

OUTSTANDING JOB JAMES!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you..

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  1. Love reading your blog, Amanda. You are an amazing writer and so courageous! xo

  2. Adorable you, adorable do. How can we not love you!


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