Gettin’ dumb (and dumber) with the Easter Bunny.

This weekend, what I really want is to eat a big BOWL of candy. But, cancer thrives on sugar posing a huge problem for me, since my love for the Easter holiday has grown considerably over the years due to the disgusting and deliciously steady increase of focus on sugary treats.  (I also LOVE eggs.)  But, being the smart cookie (more sweets, oooweee) that I am, I am choosing to starve my body of refined sugars, probably for the sugarless candy (lame) coated rest of my days, aside from the occasional cheat, not an entire dessert, but maybe just a bite of ice cream, or a hershey kiss.   This is, by far, the hardest and most challenging part of an anti-cancer diet. I’ve always loved sweets!  Chocolate especially. Ugg just typing that delicious word is making my mouth water. “Well try dark chocolate”, you might be thinking.  Its good for you in small doses, but yet does not satisfy my sweetest of sweet teeth.  Since I was a little girl, at Easter time my mom has always spoiled me with a gargantuan supply of Cadbury cream eggs. Sorry Ei, none of that this year. I think we’ll have to find a new, even sweeter tradition. You can still sing the Easter Parade song by Irving Berlin to me with all the frills upon it in the New york city parade (how fitting!). Because I’ve done my research, I now know its about my great city and will gladly join in as opposed to the sarcastic sigh and eye-roll from teenage years passed.

With the need for a good laugh, it was necessary for some haircut hilarity before its too late.  And who better to laugh with then the bucked tooth Easter Bunny?

Easter weekend sugar count:

3 hershey kisses (2 coconut, 1 regular)

1 godiva caramel chocolate piece

a sliver of a Neapolitan Klondike bar

a cream puff pastry homemade by Ben’s gramma Mary

1 weird sugar gummy thing (what a waste!)

1 small chocolate egg

3 Bean Boozled jelly beans: Flavors- 1 booger, 2 pear, 1 baby wipes (SO GROSSSS!)

So much for starving those cancer cells of sugar… Guess I’ll have to do some extra meditating, exercising, writing, and visualizing.

(I’ve included a photo of Ben above- age 6, same ‘do.)

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  1. GO GIRL!!!!!!
    GLad you got to hang out w/the easter bunny and eat so treats. You look like a fashion model with your new cut.

  2. So mad i missed it!


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