Being [the] Scene in Panorama

The central New York wind felt so cold without my blonde hair cape flowing around my ears, penetrating each of my hair follicles where my hair had already fallen out.  The empty holes where the keratin had once lived (and will again) may not have been noticeable to the eyes of others, but it was so apparent to me when those gusts blew this weekend. I can barely remember what I felt like to have long, sexy hair now.  Updoing my hair, teasing it, hairsrpaying it (Ultra Extra Hold, please), and sculpting retro designs on the top, sides, and back of my head were always my favorite part of getting ready to go ANYWHERE.  And yes, I am well aware it would take me longer than your average chic to leave the house, but I thoroughly enjoyed this ritualistic behavior.  Now I am exposed. On all fronts…My neck (especially the back of it), my tiny, dainty ears ( at least they aren’t huge dumbo ears), my chin, and my cheek bones that extend into forever on the side of my head.  At what point do I stop the swipe of my blush brush?

I’m a short- haired woman now (soon to be bald).  The way I perceive how the world perceives me has definitely changed.  I have never had short hair in my life, except for my bald baby potato head, that I carried around on my shoulders until age 3.  While wondering what dudes are thinking when I ask them questions now as opposed to when I was rocking my long locks, I have ascertained that they’re actually listening to the words coming out of my mouth, attentive and ready to respond. Subtracting the self-expression and commentary of  hair, I have reduced myself to a primary structure (like the art of the Minimalistic movement of the 1960’s) of the smallest number of colors, shapes, values and textures.  Deducting the silky distraction from my skull somehow made whats inside of it more valuable.  The expressions that I see fit to communicate will now be narrated through make-up, more stylized outfits ( is it possible?), jewelry, and the way I contort my face to convey an idea or a response.  Lest we not forget, sunglasses, hats, scarves, and headbands.  OH And WIGS.

Thanks to all who have been participating….Especially ASHLEY and JAMES!  you guys are so solid!

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  1. looking foxy in your fox shirt! xo

  2. Keep writing — I think you’ve found your calling! ❤

  3. Keep writing — I think you’ve found your calling! Plus, I love the do of the day!!

    • Hi,Mandy,I have to wonder if you have considered trying the Mohawk style( like Todd did briefly in 8th grade )before you hair gets too short to do it justice. It does involve spiking your hair up with Elmer’s glue.Your amazing,Amanda!!!!

  4. I love it! LoOoks Hot! Blessings!


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