Reflections of…

SUN 5/22/11—–

Today is NOT just like any other day.  When I take into consideration all of the distinctive things this day or its date could actually mean to all of the colorful individuals in the universe, I am in my most honest form, insignificant.  But without all of us in synergism moving together across this great world as a joined organism, we would not vitally exist or be able to have days to celebrate or to mourn or to recognize.  Can you strip yourself down to the barest of bones trying your best not to think of anything, clearing your mind?  What is there then left to contemplate?  The moment your living in right now will never ever happen again.  I often notice this when I watch really good live music.  I stand there surrounded by people all sharing what they think is the same experience, but it is in fact so very different for everyone there.  The notes being played together on stage on various instruments, the singer singing, the drink you took from your straw…these exact moments, strands, will not simultaneously collide again, EVER.

So, basically, when you look in the mirror, the reflection that you see staring back at you doesn’t look the same as it did yesterday, and it won’t look the same in 2 hours (especially post-costume change) or 3 days or 5 years from now.  Meanwhile, the experiences, interactions, and conversations that you have had in between will change the way you view life and therefor yourself.  Clinging to the fleeting youthfulness of one’s face can damage the strongest of self-esteems. And those wrinkles didn’t make their way there by doing nothing, honey.  They have been elected to show proof that you have been living…laughing hysterically at your genius best friend’s’ air-headed parkjob, making the stupidest, contorted faces at babies, being grossed out by your sisters’ gnarly habits, stretching thin skin while wiping away tears after a long, rough day;  puckering up for a kiss from your love…these are the fascinating roots and sources of fine lines and wrinkles.

So when you do turn to your shiny, silver wall-mount to check yourself, how do you keep this view of YOU on the up and up (besides a good skin care regimen and SUNBLOCK)?  Make it the best day, FOR EVERYONE.  Since we are all in this together, collaboratively [until the next rapture or so (pshh, ha)], think of others.  Aline yourself with the billions of other human beings living life here on Planet Earth too and send them out some love and gratitude for their existence and participation.  Those crinkles, creases, and folds will instantly become terribly insignificant and then say to yourself, DAMN…YOU LOOK GOOD!

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  1. You are a truly remarkable person!

  2. wowzahs… i was going to say “truly remarkable” & i scroll down to see girlboxing beat me to it. must be true then. you’re writing is like nothing i’ve ever read & like nothing i’ve ever connected so much with… keep on writing & keep on rocking! & when i get to my first summer concert next weekend… those words will be resonating in my head with every sip from the straw i take. XOXO


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